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 The Shihpoo is a hybrid/designer mix of a Shihtzu and either a Toy or Tiny Toy Poodle.

Size: Height: 8 to 14 inches; Weight: 5-10 pounds

Coat: The Shihpoo's coat is wavy, normally curlier than the Shih-tzu but not as curly as the Poodle. The coat is little-to-no shedding.

Character: The Shihpoo is very loving and playful and they get along with other pets.

Temperament: Shihpoos are a little louder than the Shih-tzu. They are more active and athletic. They seem to take the best from both breeds. They are not considered 'yappers'.

Care: Shihpoos will require regular grooming.

Training: Due to their intelligence, this breed is fairly easy to train.

Activity: Shihpoos do not require a lot of exercise. They get sufficient exercise just by playing with their owners. They enjoy walks and/or backyard play. 

Deposits are $200.00, unless you are on the waiting list.
No Puppy is considered sold, until a deposit has been received.
Males start at $400.00 and Females start at $500.00
Puppy prices are subject to increase, as they get older,If a deposit has not been placed.
After a deposit is received,your puppy price will never increase.
I reserve the right to terminate a puppy sale, if I feel it's not in the best interest of the puppy.
If I decide to terminate the sale ,a refund will be provided .

I will start a waiting list for shihpoo puppies in September.If you are serious about adopting a shihpoo puppy and getting on my waiting list give me a call.Puppies should range from 6 to 9 lbs full grown.I will not guarantee you a certain color or adult weight,only the gender you have chosen, will be guaranteed.If you do not choose a puppy and the gender you have selected is produced,your deposit will be forfeited.Please keep this in mind.

The Malone Family- New Best Friends
The Pierce Family
The Fletcher Family
The shihpoo puppies below are now in Furever Loving Homes
Sold to kayla~My new name is Sophie

Jazz- Full Grown 5 lbs
Here is the portrait of Cooper!!, as you can see he is one spoiled little boy. I will say that I have never seen a more loving little guy, each and everyday he is standing on his back legs begging me to pick him up, morning, noon and night. Cooper loves to play and has such an unusual bark although he is not a barker much unless he thinks someone is about to bother his Mommy. He loves for company to come and visit, loves to ride as we have taken him to see Kayla and little Bentley in Chatanooga several times and to Kentucky to see his other cousin Charlie. Each and every night we ask Cooper if he is ready to go night, night and he is the first one to get into Mommy and Daddies bed and sleeps on my pillow. Everybody that sees him always falls in love with him even our groomer says he is best dog she has even seen, everytime I blow dry my hair he has to have his hair blowdried too. I cannot tell you how much this little man is loved, I look at him at times and just cry cause I love him so much. Each night he also wants me to go out in the backyard and sit in my swing and swing him in my lap for a little while. Thanks for such a wonderful, loving little man. I will also tell you that Kayla is just as crazy about my grand dog Bentley. I hope to hear from you soon.

Tilley/SnowBall Shihpoo
Pandora/SnowBall ShihPoos
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FurBabies By Lisa 
Home of the Maltipoo,Shihpoo and Malshi puppies in Alabama.
Designer puppies that will leave Paw Prints on your Heart!
Sold to Martha~My new name is Charlotte

 Hey Mrs. Lisa, 
Sorry for the delay, but life has been insane. Attached are pictures of Blackjack, whose new name is Folarin! He is very spoiled and there's never a dull day with this little one.
Ashley Walter 
Just to let you know, missy has quickly made her way comfortably around our home. She is so cute and playful. Vet check great.
Thank you for everything
​Hoover Family
-My name is Sadie-
Sold to the Adams Family